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Enrolling in courses

Enrolling in courses

The course catalogue and schedule of classes is presented on our website under „Semesterkurse“ (for the courses during the regular semester) and “Ferienkurse” (for the courses during the semester break).

To enrol officially in classes for the semester, you must
1. send an email with the following information:
    - surname, first name
    - faculty, Erasmus contact person at LMU
    - matriculation number
    - email address
2. write as object the name of the course you want to attend
3. attach your registration in the form of a PDF file or photo
    - your student ID, which you can also download from your LSF account (if you are not already a current student at   LMU, you can hand it in or send it later), and
    - a data privacy statement, which you have to fill in and sign.
    You can also bring these documents by during our office hours (Monday 4-6 p.m., Wednesday 4-5 p.m.) during the registration period: from March, 4  to April, 7. The registration period can be extended for the courses where there are still places available (please see under "Semesterkurse").

As to the registration period for the intensive courses during the semester break, see our website under “Ferienkurse” and click on the link “Näheres zum Anmeldeverfahren”.

If you have not enrolled by the final deadline, your registration will be considered only if there are places available in the course you have selected.

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